Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New presence integration

Ok, today I want to show you the new cool presence functionality we built into our phones. I will focus on the snom820 as presence is simply cooler in color than in b/w. The presence features work on snom370 and snom360 as well, but there are some limitations (less icons, b/w, not the full functionality may be supported so buy 820s :) ).

The Idle screen:

First new thing you will notice is, that on the idle screen you can see your own status. (The first account is my OCS account Tim Koehler and the second one is on our old legacy SIP PBX). The Icon beside your OCS account will change accordingly to your status.

This is the idle screen when I'm available.

This is the idle screen when I'm in a Meeting (I love this icon :)

You will notice that we have different presence icons with symbols. We wanted to have real icons to also support B/W icons and we don't want to use possibly copyrighted material. The additional benefit is, that you can see the difference between Busy, In-a-call, In-a-meeting etc. through the icon.

The contact list:

The contact list also comes with live presence and also updates itself if you change it on Communicator (it usually only takes 1-2 seconds to show the changes you made in Communicator). The picture shows a contact list "testuser" I set up to get all the presence states we can show. I replaced the usernames with the presence state. To browse through your contactgroups you just have to press left or right on the silver navigation button.

You might notice that the first entry is busy (this comes up if you are on a lower access level and the other user does not allow you to see more detailed presence information.


  1. how i can obtain this firmware ? or what configuration type i have to do ?

  2. why didn't you reply ?!

  3. To get the OCS firmware please send a request email to ocsedition@snom.com with some information about your company and the reason for your request.